Terms of Service

  • KJr’s reserves the right to refuse service for any reason
  • Account balances are due in 15 days
  • Make Checks Payable to Kevin Smith
  • Include Invoice # on Checks
  • All returned checks will be liable for a $95 processing fee
  • Hourly rate of $95
  • Terms of Services may change without notice
  • $95 recurring collection fees added to all invoices 30 days past the due date
  • Past Due accounts will be suspended at 60 days
  • $95 reactivation fee on all suspended accounts
  • All marketing campaigns require a contract w/ a monthly retainer, paid in advance
  • All Domain Names will renew annually on February 1st @ $55 per name
  • All projects will be submitted for review and edits. After 30 days, edits will be considered updates and billed accordingly