I know it’s been decades since I’ve actually posted on my very own blog, but I have been busy!  The holidays, fun with my clients, family and friends, not to mention all the work I do every week promoting my clients.

Since my last post, I have had quite the learning experience in Step & Repeat Banners & Backdrops.  I was promoted to full time marketing manager at Heritage Printing at both Leonardtown, MD & the Charlotte, NC manufacturing facilities.  One of the reasons (other than my obvious talents) was to focus more on the escalating growth and demand for Step & Repeat Banners in the immediate Charlotte area, along with expanding our presence from New York, NY to Atlanta, Ga.  The task is quite daunting, but I’ve overcome larger hurdles in my marketing career.

So why Step & Repeat Banners?  Simple… YouTube, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo have exploded!  The advancement in video shooting capabilities with mobile devices has made everyone a professional videographer (or at least a very good one).  When making a promo or holding a sponsored media event, Step & Repeat Banners & Backdrops have become a staple for decorating video sets.  Viral is the word that replaced popular and social media enables videos to go viral at remarkable rates.

So why should you choose us, why Heritage Printing & Graphics for your Step & Repeat?  Simple again… when you need it now, we excel!  No other sign company on the east coast has intentionally positioned and postured itself to deliver high quality products at “Hair on Fire” speeds.  We can have your banner to you the next day from Brooklyn, NY to Atlanta, Ga if you approve the proof by 10am EST!  That’s why you choose us, @ Heritage, we Deliver!


Heritage Printing & Graphics
Marketing Manager (& Proud of It!)

Step & Repeat Banners

Step & Repeat Banners

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