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It’s been a while since my last post, due mainly because I’ve decided to enjoy life a little more and try to work a little less.  I’m not saying that I am actually doing less nor being less productive, heaven’s no.

Over the last few years, I have been perfecting/working on my process; refining and developing a system that would enable me to provide my immaculate marketing services to my clients in a timelier manner (time management).  I’m happy to report that “it’s still a work in progress” but I’m getting there. :-)

Today, I’m writing to make a point about marketing and/or advertising campaigns.

As a marketing professional (primarily Internet marketing) I am always open to new ideas and technologies, most of the time they fail or are just a scam, but sometimes you find that one good advertising campaign for a client and it turns to gold!

Hence the title of this post:  Cat Boarding in Davidson & Troutman NC  is in reference to a recent short term advertising campaign I developed for The Hotel 4 Cats (my initial Internet marketing client).  I wanted to strategically target two primary key phrases:

  1. Cat Boarding in Davidson, NC
  2. Cat Boarding in Troutman, NC

The campaigns had two goals:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Get more cats boarding clients from the two neighboring towns

Both goals were met and exceeded before the end date of the campaign.  I actually expected not to reach either goal until several weeks after the promotion ended, so I was very satisfied.
Cat Boarding in Davidson, NC was the first targeted phrase to bring in a new cat boarding client, while cat boarding in Troutman, NC had the most website traffic.

The campaign ran for 6 weeks, with start and end dates strategically selected by yours truly.  On the 34th day, they received a deposit from a family in Davidson, it was the 4th day in the 7th week (42 days) that a Troutman cat was booked for a stay.  It has been 4+ months since the campaign ended, with The Hotel 4 Cats booking numerous more felines from both towns.
Another Successful Marketing Campaign!

Which brings me to the marketing point I mentioned at the beginning of this post:
Although most advertising/marketing campaigns fail and many are scams, there are still very good advertising/promoting options available.
4 things I recommend to small business owners about advertising:

  • Use good judgment
  • Do your research
  • Go short term to qualify/disqualify the campaign


PS: I intentionally did not reveal any particulars about this specific marketing campaign for The Hotel 4 Cats.   =’.’=

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