Accepting the fact that everything changes can be difficult. Believing your world is solid and will remain intact is foolish, everything has a season!


A very close friend shared this with me when I was struggling with a change in my life many years ago, it brought clarity and a sense of accomplishment to what I’ve achieved. Her words helped me through that situation and numerous others in my personal and professional lives.


Recently, another season ended for me, in a shocking manner. I took some time, going through the cycles of 1) Shock, 2) Anger, 3) Depression and 4) Acceptance. Upon reaching cycle 4, I remembered what Susan told me and I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I relived several events in my life where a season ended and my life was improved, it was a blessing.


The growth I initiated at Heritage Printing is among my greatest accomplishments, it provided me with the experience and expertise to impress future employers and an impressive addition to my resume. Understanding the season had ended and reflected on the goals reached and exceeded brought me immense happiness and fulfillment.


As I enter this period of change, I am confident in my abilities as a friend, manager, marketer and person. I know my entrance into future relationships will be beneficial and fulfilling for me and others.


Everything has a season, and I’m excited to soon enter another season.


TY Susan, I will never forget our conversation and you will always hold a special place in my heart.





On April 21st 2015 Google will implement another variable to their algorithm of ranking web pages.  The new addition will be based on how “Mobile Friendly” a web page is, in the eyes of Google.


To a small business with an older & probably NOT Mobile Friendly website?  Well, the truth is….We don’t know yet!  Until a couple of weeks pass and you can judge your rank as compared to it’s pre-4-21-15 rank, it’s impossible to say exactly how this will affect a web page’s rank.

BUT THIS WE KNOW… Google is not going to intentionally try and harm small businesses, Google has been a friend to businesses small and large for almost 2 decades (Google launched on 9-4-98).


Easy, check the rank of your most dominate web pages and record their position.  After 4-21 begin to check your rank a couple times a week for the next 2 weeks.  Also check your cache to see if the page has been read by Google.  After the page has been “indexed” a few times you can figure that to be your position for a while.  Unless of course you or your competition makes a push or mistake with their Internet Presence.


If your website is over 5 years old, is not considered “Mobile Friendly” by Google (click here to test a page) and your rankings drop, it’s time to call me or your webmaster or someone to get a quote on a website re-design.  Make sure you are sitting down when you make this call…the average cost of a new 10+ page website with hosting will be in the $2000 range IF you use an industry professional.


Someone or a company with experience and responsibility.  The high school kid is NOT an industry professional.  Be Careful and talk to several professional website design companies; we all have different ideas, process and methodologies to create a website.  Find someone you are comfortable with, local is better, but there are lots of good options remotely.


Maybe, maybe not.  I help a lot of people with their website and Internet Presence.  I am always happy to do an evaluation and interview to see if I can help.  Call me personally for an evaluation or to setup a meeting: 704-677-3184 or email me:  Kevin at



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