Long Tail Keywords are not a long collection of words or phrases. LTK’s are search terms that do not receive a large amount of traffic, BUT, they have a good conversion rate.


It means that if you can rank for these words and phrases, the opportunity for a conversion is much higher!


There are tons of SaaS available, I like Moz.com, AHrefs is very good, SEMRush too. Google “Keyword Research Tools” and you will not have an issue finding a solution. There are numerous sites that have a limited “free” keyword search service.


Long Tail Keywords

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Google My Business

The Ripple Effect.

That’s how I explain local marketing to my clients, it’s like a drop of water in a glass, it has a center and works outward. Your storefront is the core of your local marketing. We start there by improving the overall aesthetics and curb appeal. Your customers may easily walk by your storefront and never notice that you have what they are seeking.

Google My Business

Your local map listing on Google is the primary source for your internet visitors, control your presence with Google My Business. This dashboard enables you to correct any mistakes in your NAP, and is key for your customers connecting with you. Name, Address, Phone, make certain these are clear and concise.


Google Reviews

Reviews play a large part in the opinion new customers form about your business. Google has relaxed it’s policy on asking customers for reviews, but there are still limits to obtaining a customer review.

  • You may ask your customer for a review.
  • You can’t provide a kiosk in your store for review purposes.
  • You may email links to make it easier to find the right place to leave a review.
  • You can mail postcards asking for reviews.

Another key to the review ripple, reply to the review! Saying “Thank You” and we appreciate your business is never a bad thing, but get creative, remember… new customers are reading your replies. NEVER engage in an argument through the reply, right or wrong does not play in the eyes of a new customer. Everyone makes mistakes, and those that accept their humanism are forgiven (Andy Pettitte) and those that deny are never (Roger Clemons). Yes, I love baseball, but not the Yankees.

SEOSEO Mooresville

With the ripple effect intact, begin looking outward to the neighborhoods, towns and cities that offer you business. Optimize your website for the key phrases people in your target area use to find what you have to offer. Hire a SEO company to provide you with professional optimization services and help you rank organically. This is an ongoing process, of quality, factual content and building quality inbound links to your web site.

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Chief Optimization Officer :)




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