“Marketing is NOT who you know, but who knows you and what services/products you have to offer”

I use the Internet, in conjunction with other proven marketing methods, to position my clients and their services to potential customers. Internet Marketing is not search engine optimization, far from.

Search Engines aka Google

Google is the industry leader among all search engines. Optimizing web pages (SEO) is a skill I have honed since 2006. It is a process where results are factored by competition, reputation, content and internet presence as Google interprets it.

My training and experience allow me to engineer web pages, and other influencers, in a manner Google prefers. Understanding how Google operates and retrieves information is a vital part of successful SEO.

What is KJr’s?

I am a marketing company with my primary focus being on creating a digital marketing process that benefits my client.  I utilize the Internet, my network and many other resources to formulate the marketing campaign.  I work with clients on a personal basis in order to provide maximum quality and value.  If you are seeking someone with vast experience in digital marketing & the Internet to work with on a one on one basis, reach out to me and let’s see if I can help.

How did KJr’s arrive at its name/brand?

In 1980 my passion for writing exploded, a co-worker nicknamed me Kevin Jr., so I used it as my pen name and shortened it to simply KJr.  The pen name evolved to KJr’s Websites after earning my degree in Internet Technologies in 2007.  I changed it to KJr’s Marketing in 2010 when the website business was slow and the Internet Marketing aspect exploded.  Finally settling on KJr’s in 2012 due to the variety of services I can provide.